2021 Annual Medical Genomics Symposium - Attendee Registration

Hosted by the Illinois Society of Genetic Professionals and the Illinois Department of Public Health

Friday, May 7, 2021

8:20 am - 4:15 pm


Virtual - Zoom link for event will be sent by email to registrants prior to the event


8:20 am: Virtual event opens on Zoom

8:30 am: Welcome - ISGP Symposium Planning Committee Co-Chairs, Brittany Mahalick, MS, CGC and Emily Bryant, MS, CGC

8:40 am: Opening remarks by current IGSP president, Brittany DeGreef, MS, CGC

9:00 am: Gemma Carvill, PhD — Routine clinical genome sequencing in individuals with epilepsy and associated neurodevelopmental disorders: are we there yet?

10:05 am: Veronica Halloway, MA — COVID-19 illuminates Health and Health Care Inequities caused by the Pandemic

11:05 am: Break

11:30 am: Keynote presentation by Taylor Kane, Founder of Remember the Girls - Females with X-linked conditions — Not “Just Carriers” 

12:35 pm: Emily Miller, MD, MPH — SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnancy

1:35 pm: Lunch Break

2:00 pm: Panel Discussion: Updates to the treatment of genetic disease

Karen Raraigh, MS, CGC — The changing face of cystic fibrosis in the era of CFTR modulators

Lenika DeSimone, MS, CGC — The Treatment Landscape of SMA and DMD

3:05 pm: Sponsored Presentation: Kelly Burgess, MS, CGC, Ambry Genetics — A randomized controlled trial of video-education or in-person genetic counseling for men with prostate cancer (ProGen)

4:05 pm: Closing Remarks


Please contact secretary@illinoisgenetics.org

Illinois Society of Genetic Professionals

Chicago, IL USA

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