We are excited to host our Annual 2020 Genetic Counseling Informational Workshop!

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2019 Leadership and Volunteer Award, Alexa Hart (see below)

The Illinois Society of Genetic Professionals (ISGP) celebrates having served as Illinois’ foremost medical genetics professional organization for over three decades. Founded in 1982 (as the Genetic Task Force of Illinois), ISGP is devoted to the development and delivery of genetic services, research, and education in the State of Illinois. GTFI is also the only organization in Illinois exclusively devoted to the interests of the state’s medical genetics professional community.

Patient and Family Advocacy

ISGP is a proud advocate for quality control of genetic counseling services by supporting and working to implement the licensing of Genetic Counselors in our state. The Genetic Counselor Licensure Act was signed into Illinois law effective December 18, 2007.

Members regularly communicate with state leaders and insurance companies to ensure patient access to and coverage of genetic services.

Networking for Professionals

ISGP holds business meetings triannually for education and stimulating discussions among fellow genetics professionals.

ISGP sponsors an annual Genetic Counseling Informational Workshop to promote exposure to the genetic counseling profession for students and other interested individuals.

Members regularly attend or present at regional and national medical education conferences and meetings. 

Continuing Education

ISGP provides cutting edge information on the latest developments in medical genetics and genomics.

Each business meeting features a clinical or educational presentation by a local speaker.

ISGP also sponsors an annual educational symposium featuring exceptional speakers focusing on current genetic topics. CEUs are available for symposium attendance.


ISGP has over 100 active members interested in issues related to the provision of genetic services in Illinois. Membership is open to genetics professionals and those interested in genetics in Illinois, including:

  • Physicians

  • Genetic Counselors

  • Nurses

  • Researchers

  • Students

There are three categories of membership: full, associate and student.

Become a Member

We would like to recognize the winner of the annual ISGP Leadership and Volunteer award, Alexa Hart

Alexa is a prenatal genetic counselor at the Fetal and Neonatal Medicine Center at Rush University. She has recently taken on the role of co-manager of the Fetal Center at Rush. She has also been informally involved with hospital-level decisions about genetic testing process and workflow since 2013. This includes participating in discussions about lab utilization and educating ordering providers to improve appropriate genetic testing access and reduce cost to the hospital and the healthcare system. She is currently in the process of starting a new clinic at a suburban Rush hospital to provide better access for patients living outside the city of Chicago. Alexa has been an active member of ISGP through her involvement in many committees and volunteer events. This includes being the chair of the Billing & Reimbursement Committee as well as the Symposium Committee. Furthermore, she is also very involved in the Northwestern Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling. We thank Alexa for her dedication to the growing field of genetics and genomics.  

Contact ISGP

For general questions regarding ISGP, as well as questions regarding patient and genetic professional advocacy, state licensure, and ISGP membership, please do not hesitate to contact us at: President@illinoisgenetics.org.

    Upcoming ISGP Events

    • Genetic Counseling Informational Workshop

    Community Outreach

    If you are interested in learning more about the field of genetics or having a genetic counselor speak to your organization, class, or student group, please contact the Community Outreach Committee a President@illinoisgenetics.org.

    Illinois Society of Genetic Professionals 

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