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Genetics Referrals

As the use of genetic and genomic information is playing an increasing role in health care, many are wondering who can be referred to a genetic specialist, and how to find one.

People can be referred to a genetic specialist for many reasons, including having several family members with similar illness, having a personal or family history of a genetic condition, or desiring more information about what screening and testing options are available before and during pregnancy, among others.

Although sometimes a sensitive topic to discuss with family members, having accurate and detailed family history information can help your health care provider make the best recommendations for you to personalize your health care plan. Take some time to talk with your relatives about your family history today.

For more information about referrals to a genetic specialist, visit the Illinois Depart of Public Health’s website or email secretary@illinoisgenetics.org. To find out more about how a genetic counselor can help you and your family as a part of your health care team, visit aboutgeneticcounselors.com.

To find a genetic counselor in your area, please visit our member directory page. You can also use the National Society of Genetic Counselor’s search tool.

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