Committees and Task Forces

Education and Professional Development Committee (Chair: Sarah Walterman; Co-Chair: Mary Post) Click here for more information

  • Community Outreach Subcommittee
  • Professional Group Outreach Subcommittee
  • Symposium Subcommittee (Chair: Erin McGinnis; Co-Chair: Natalie Tri)

Advocacy Committee (Chair: Marc Rosenbaum; Co-Chair: Breanne Prindeville)

  • Licensure Renewal Task Force
  • Billing and Reimbursement Subcommittee
  • Illinois Genetic Discrimination Task Force

Membership Committee (Chair: Liana Abramson; Co-chair: Kristen Young)

  • Salary Survey Subcommittee
  • Marketing Subcommittee
  • Strategic Plan Task Force

Committee Involvement

Committee chair term is 2 years, with the first as co-chair, and the second as chair

Committee membership term is one year, which can be renewed if desired

Illinois Society of Genetic Professionals

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